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     The unforgettable moment of your safari :                the meeting with the Wildlife

For your entire satisfaction, all the safari are customizable


Safari in Taita Hills Park       2 days 1 night


Safari in the Masaï Mara

Masaï Mara
Lac Naivasha
Tsavo Est

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Kisite and Wasini

As Kenya's largest marine protected area and a popular tourist destination, the park is home to some of the most diverse and abundant fish species in the region: 250 recorded fish species, 70 resident dolphins, 56 genera of corals, 10 species of mangroves and dozens of sea turtles, whales, seabirds, gastropods and endemic crustaceans such as the coconut crab. If you are a fan of snorkeling, we take you to see the treasures of these seabeds. With a bit of luck and if the ocean is calm you might be able to swim with the dolphins. We will then have lunch on the island of Wasini. 

The Maasai tribes

After the game drive, we can take you to visit a real Maasai village. They will show you  their house, teach you how to make a fire and explain their way of life. Amazing !

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